Drupaltools - A list of open and free tools for Drupal

Drupal community nowadays is huge. Many people create stuff on Drupal.org, on Github, on Gitlab, wherever. Although Drupal.org makes a try to collect all the useful projects related to Drupal there are still some thing that cannot be done.

For example, if you want to create a Drush automation script you can only upload it on Drupal.org as a drupal...

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My schedule for Voxxed Thessaloniki 2017

After the enormous success of the first Voxxed Days Thessaloniki with more than 350 attendees, the event is back with the second edition. More speakers, more topics, more side activities, workshops etc. Voxxed Days Thessaloniki V2 will run on November 23rd – 25th 2017, in ...

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Creating custom Backend with Drupal 8. Tips and proposals.

Drupal is a powerful system. But one of the disadvantages is the lack of a unified backend. Others can say that the backend is targeted on "professionals". In fact there is a backend already on core but since Drupal is so flexible and customizable each Drupal website or app may need different backend design and development. For example a user that already knows how to...

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Turn Drupal 8.x menu into select list with Twig

One a recent 8.x web project I had to get a menu as a select list to use it on the mobile versions of the website. The menu was 2 level depth but the pattern can be used for every level menus. Each select list options havs a data-url value taken from the menu path so the select list can be used with js to trigger a page redirect on select change...

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Presenting DREC (DRupal Eight Commands)

DREC is a collection of basic bash scripts that work together to accomplish common development tasks for Drupal 8.x projects. In simple words drec uses shell commands, unix utilities, drush, drupal console, git, docker and other software that all together can install, update, clone etc a Drupal project.

The main...

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Writing Documentation for Drupal 8.x teams

Last year I had the chance to collaborate with a Drupal company in Greece for a large scale Drupal 8.x project. One of these that you say Drupal was made for!

It was early 2016 when Drupal 8.x had just arrives. At that time thing were a bit confusing (although promising) with the new Drupal version. Composer adoption was still in "alpha", popular Drupal...

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